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Located in the heart of Morinville, Alberta, Canada. Fable Gardens is comprised of the Fable Gardens Hall, the Fable Cottage Centre and the lush Fable Gardens.

When you step out of your vehicle and onto the grounds at Fable Gardens Centre, it takes only a moment to realize you’ve stepped into a magical, storybook world. You’re met with a Fairy Tale façade, marked by thatched gables, scalloped roofs and large, round doors with rustic steel hinges.

A fence surrounds the Fable Gardens and incloses a waterfall, an enchanting river complete with Fairy Tale Bridge and Lovers Bridge and hundreds of flowers, shrubs and trees…

Visitor Centre
Come discover all the little hidden treasurers.

Enter through the large, rounded door of the south entrance into a space with angled walls and curved ceilings. A grotto staircase leads you upstairs to the 1300 square foot main visitor space, where you can browse displays and purchase souvenirs.

The rustic, fairy tale theme carries through the visitor centre to not only the carved furniture but also many murals throughout the space and the world class 3D paintings. There are also the surprise of the Warrior room and Princess room…

Exit via the north stairwell and enter an estate garden surrounded by a picket fence. Follow meandering stone walkways throughout the garden. Enjoy the river and waterfall. Pause a moment on the small bridge to take in the flowers, shrubbery and sculptures around you.

A number of small, white marble statues tell the story of children who worked together to build their enchanted cottage in the woods.

Tours at Fable Gardens

Open seasonally from May to October
Tours season are closed in Winter

Tour Admission

  • Adult $14
  • Senior (60+) $12
  • Children (4 to 14 yrs) $9
  • Children (2 to 3 yrs) $7
Tours by appointment.
Email or Text: 780-913-2406

Minimum charge $40 per tour for any tours which cost less than minimum charge

Special Group Rates and School Field Trips Rates available.